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Welcome to Swenson's Wildwood Golendoodles in Minnesota........

Swensons Wildwood Doodles
Raising Goldendoodles since 1999 & Registered Golden Retrievers since 1970
Backus, Minnesota 56435
Phone: (218) 839-4646
Minnesota State License #Mn355291

Hello & Welcome to our Goldendoodle pages. Goldendoodles are a wonderful hybrid of Golden Retriever and Poodle. A hybrid is a cross between two unrelated purebred lines producing a healthier puppy. They are intelligent, loyal and obedient family companions. They are friendly towards children, other dogs, pets and easy with strangers. Their eagerness to please and love of learning makes them very easy to train. Come on in and take a look around. Feel free to give us a call if you like what you see or would like more information.

Pictured to the right is our autistic son with a typical litter of our Goldendoodle puppies. As you can see these puppies really bring out the best in him. Some of these are still looking for new homes.

To the right is a litter almost ready to go.

Here are a few examples of our puppies.
To the left is another beautiful example of what our Goldendoodle puppies look like.

These puppies are looking for new homes soon. If you would like to add one of our Goldendoodle puppies to your family give us a call to reserve one.

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